What is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a term that is used specifically for the phone service that is used over the Internet. It is a way through which you can easily transform your voice into a digital signal that can allow you to make a phone call with the help of your computer. The most common words used for this type of services include broadband phone service, Internet telephony or IP telephony.


The main advantage of having a VoIP technology is that you don’t need any additional telephone service or device in order to use it as it can be done with the help of traditional telephone services. LAN or local area network can be used over computer networks in order to switch easily between different protocols. However, one needs to have a VoIP service provider to use the services offered by VoIP that includes making and receiving calls easily whenever you want.


One of the most common and famous examples of a VoIP service that is used worldwide is Skype. People need to get themselves registered on this application after which they can easily make and receive calls with the help of the Internet connection they have. The application can also be downloaded on their mobile phone devices which makes the application even more accessible and convenient to use. It is better to seek expert advice and assistance as they can offer workable solutions to your problems. Compute your world is one such company that has highly trained skilled experts and professionals.


Things we need to use the VoIP Service


Registering yourself with a VoIP service provider is not sufficient as you might need some other devices to make use of the VoIP Service.


  1. Owning a mobile phone or any other form of the phone like a residential phone is of utmost importance as without it you cannot make phone calls let alone receive them. Apart from applications like Skype, there are IP phones as well that can allow you to make VoIP calls.
  2. Another feature that you need to have is a fast and reliable internet connection as, without it, you would not be able to make phone calls or use the advanced features that are offered by such services and modes of technology.


Types of VoIP Services


There are different types of VoIP services available in the market that can be selected by you according to the type that suits you the best. Here is a list of Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP services:


  1. The most common VoIP service is the one that replaces the traditional mode of communication i.e. your landline with a phone that also has a phone adapter attached to it. It is mostly used by different businesses and they tend to pay for the services monthly.
  2. Another service is the one that does not require you to pay monthly bills as onetime payment is enough to avail the services offered.


  1. Furthermore, the other type of VoIP service available is in the form of Skype that allows you to make and receive phone calls either with the help of your computer or with the help of your mobile phone device. The application is free and can be used whenever you have a fast and secure Internet connection.


  1. There are VoIP applications that can be downloaded on your mobile phone devices and they can be used with a Wi-FI or a phone carrier connection rather than utilizing the call minutes offered to you by your cellular network company. The payment of utilizing the Internet connection depends on the type of service you are using.


  1. Moreover, there are VoIP services that are designed specifically for different types of businesses and therefore they have a lot of features, which includes handling the hosting and management of the VoIP system.


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