Frequently Asked Questions
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000 - Connects directly to emergency services. You are advised to call 000 from a traditional landline phone or mobile, and not your VoIP phone. Your Selectel VoIP service is a supplementary service designed to co-exist with your landline or mobile phone. Due to the nature of the internet, there are many outside factors that can cause calls to go wrong or not connect at all. For this reason, you are strongly advised to dial emergency numbers only from your mobile phone or landline phone.
Simply click on "Forgotten your password? Click here" at the bottom of the login screen. If you are still have trouble resetting the password, please Contact Us.

A hosted pbx (or Virtual PBX) connects your business VoIP phones to PSTN lines via your internet connection. The Hosted PBX is located in a secure datacentre with the PSTN lines, so your phones connect to it over the internet.

    • What is the benefit over a traditional PBX?
  • No more costly PBX system to buy - instead you simply purchase the handsets, and for less than the price of the equivalent landline rental, you can have all the features of a PBX system.

You can make changes to the phone system yourself online, or call our friendly support team for assistance at no cost.

You will save heaps on your phone bill just by switching to VoIP, with untimed calls to landlines

Australia wide, and per-second billing on our low mobile rates!

Why Selectel's Industry-leading Hosted PBX?

  1. Fast activation
  2. No Setup Fee
  3. No Contract
  4. No Locked hardware
  5. Easy to use
  6. Web-based configuration
  7. Australian Phone Support